How did we start as a Tea company?

It was in the summer of the 2018, and one thing let to the another, I was huge fan of paper tea bags tea and the kind of wonders it used to do, we took a short trip to Kolkata, and that was the turning point. What I saw was unbelievable, the kind of Teas that are served and the kind of teas that are processed. Kolkata changed me for good. Then I dived into the research of the industry, and one thing that caught my attention was that the teas were not fresh, a single consignment takes upto 24 weeks, and this had to change, with big players solely focusing on the small and broken leaf, I wanted to work on the whole leaf. And that's where we set the difference, and we wanted to work on the concept and serve teas fresh to our customers.

Fast forward 2 years of pandemic and we think that we are better off now. Tea Hues is an attempt to not only disrupt the market but also make a supply chain network that can transform how the tea drinkers drink tea.

In this journey we are thankful to those who joined us and have made this brand a trusted and reputed brand in India.

- Taimur Aftab
Chief ExecuTEAve Officer